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Post by CheeseFrog on Wed Mar 05, 2008 11:14 am

Please copy and paste this code :

Name : [b]namehere[/b]
Age : [b]agehere[/b]
Email adress : [b]emailhere[/b]
Location : [b]locationhere[/b]
Position : [b]positionhere[/b]
Example of work : [b]examplehere[/b]
Extra : [b]extra'shere[/b]
Name : Explains itself.
Age : Explains itself, too.
Email adress : You can put your email here, or PM it to me (CheeseFrog)
Location : Where do you life? Country is enough
Position : What are you applying for? Mapping? Put that here!
Example of work : Put some work you've done before here.
Extra : Got something else to say? Do it there!

Example :

Name : Patrick van der Spoel
Age : 17
Email adress :
Location : Holland/The Netherlands
Position : Mapper
Example of work : *Picture of map and some explanation about it*
Extra : I don't have anything extra to say

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